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Kash "A Scarlet Place"

RELEASE DATE: May 29, 2016

KASH -  Twenty Years Underground

Twenty years of history cannot be told easily and immediately. To find the right words and effective phrases to sum up the KASH experience is a rigorous trip, but the stimuli are, in effect, what have always kept us connected and satisfied our imagination.

Kash is a band that is a landmark in the Italian underground and a constituent of international underground history.

The earliest 1997 overtures to a sort of Italian rock sprout quickly into a form of post-punk that is deeply tied to the late-milennium American Midwest. 1999 was the year in which our sound reached Steve Albini. This was the start of a lengthy collaboration that allowed three albums to be made under his oversight. KASH, BEAUTY IS EVERYWHERE, FULL OF.

Throughout our long career, we have never been deprived of unconventional experience, nor of compositional, creative and educational pursuits.  OPEN, our third album, produced in 2006 by Mike Lust, is a recording spasm bordering on respectful. FULL OF, from 2012, was recorded again by ALBINI. This time it happened in Italy at Oxygen, the new studio of guitarist Paride Lanciani. It is the successive step toward a destablized song style. Each album is a leap toward self-inquiry; a challenge to incite fans and listeners to never hold back their openness to the artistic introspection expressed through sound.

It is a continuous, polished communication between four human beings, depleting to the limit our instrumentation by leaving space for the expressive force of the imagination. Four additional years of live shows have passed; in European and American clubs and extraordinary festivals such as BBQ in Chicago, All Tomorrow’s Parties in the UK, etc. This concludes a long period of live performances that have marked our entire history. Alongside our daily lives, this inevitable and incessant construction of sound gives rise to a new quintessential album: “A SCARLET PLACE.”

A specific self-produced selection is desired almost as if to highlight a further intimacy of the one and only chaotic force that unites the group.

Paride, as if under the protective wing of Steve Albini, follows each step on the recording of the new album. Each digital element comes intentionally prohibited; everything is entrusted to the magnetic tact that comes with analog. For this purpose, even the mastering was completed at Metropolis Studios in London. John Davis was entrusted with the task of completing this great work of sound.

Kash wears A SCARLET PLACE like their new skin. It is an immeasurable unknown voice that tells of how any inevitable gift that to us seems so short, hard to grasp and shape, is as much as all that is deep down so crucial in wanting to disclose this internal force, that is part of an eternal humanity.

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