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Vinyl release includes download.

Small Awesome "Songer"

RELEASE DATE: March 26, 2016

Small Awesome – SONGER


Sold You Out

Rats and Creeps




Black Sea of Trees



Breech Born

runtime: 33 min


SONGER is the objectively good new album by Small Awesome

SONGER is the second album by the duo of Faiz Razi and Jim MacGregor who are extant under the name Small Awesome

SONGER is built on musical conceits established on Small Awesome’s divided debut album, Still Awesome, released as a set of twinned EPs, Awesome and Still

SONGER is ten compositions arranged in a dramatic musical arc full of pastoral pleasures and unexpected turns

SONGER is performed almost exclusively with stringed instruments and voice, save for a single hi-hat and some saxophones

SONGER is full of winding arrangements, romantic musical figures, and deliberately pretty minimalismthat still land somewhere opposite of folk

SONGER is the result of three years of careful recording and mixing with their right-hand man, Matt Engstromand their man, Mouse

SONGER is preceded by the release of the animated “Breech Born” lyric video with accompanying sheet music

SONGER is also preceded by the first radio single, “Sold You Out”

SONGER is out on March 26th, 2016. Available on vinyl and digital download on Sick Room Records

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