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Vinyl release includes download.

Anwar Sadat "Obedience (7" EP)"

RELEASE DATE: January 27, 2015

Industrial punk-trio Anwar Sadat is pleased to announce their upcoming Obedience EP. Available on Sick Room Records, Ltd., the four-song recoding marks new territory for the band focusing on slower tempos that rely on a groove, rather than lightning-fast punk aggression, as heard in their previous releases. To celebrate the release, the band is making their title track available for free download courtesy of Impose Magazine. “Despite the guitar being so dissonant, “Obedience” relies heavily on a blues-inspired riff,” explains Buddy Crime, the band’s rhythm section. “The lyrics talk about obedience and deception to perpetuate the economy of war which is a heavy theme running through the record.”

Preview Track available on Soundcloud

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