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Vinyl release includes CD.

Detective Instinct "Black Floral"

RELEASE DATE: July 29, 2014

The follow up to 2011's 'A History Of Headaches' was not an easy record to make. It was recorded over a period of 6 months and was worked on in the four different residences that Heffernan lived in during that time. A miserable start, a weird and confusing middle and a joy-filled conclusion. Most of the instruments used to make the first album had been sold to pay bills in the time before this record was made, hence a very different sound to its predecessor. 'Black Floral' is equal parts home-brewed 80s electronica, wonky 70s kraut and ramshackle 60s psyche folk. It is being released by Sickroom Records in July 2014 as a limited edition of 500 black vinyl records, accompanied by a CD that includes the entire LP plus six bonus tracks. 

1. ABC & She (w/ GW Sok from The Ex/King Champion Sounds)   
2. Merchant Vessel Elision (w/ Kevin Branstetter from Trumans Water)   
3. Crystal Ball (w/ Jim Putnam from Radar Brothers)   
4. Black Floral I  (w/ Jad Fair from Half Japanese)   
5. The Sum Of A Son (w/ Mike Watt from Minutemen/Stooges)   
6. Cupcakes For Karl Marx (w/ Jimmy McGee from The Bobby McGees)   
7. The Architect Of Negative Space (w/ Karen Schoemer)    
8. We'd All Love Wheels (w/ Leighton Crook from Country Teasers)   
9. Tortillas (w/ Kevin Branstetter from Trumans Water )   
10. Walk Soft  (w/ Jim Putnam from Radar Brothers )     
11. Chalks  (w/ Danielle Johnson from Year Of Birds/King Champion Sounds)   
12. Plant Flowers For Children (w/ Leighton Crook from Country Teasers )   
13. Crack Attack  (w/ GW Sok from The Ex/King Champion Sounds )  
14. Studio City  (w/ Karen Schoemer)   
15. Black Floral II (w/ Jad Fair from Half Japanese ) 
16. From Calais To Dover  (w/ Mike Watt from Minutemen/Stooges )

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