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Vinyl release includes CD.

Transmontane "Ville Fantôme"

RELEASE DATE: June 24, 2014

Ville Fantôme is the third record from Transmontane (Ryan Duncan), following his acclaimed releases, Staring Back At You (2012) and Lo Specchio Circolare (2011).  He returned to Oxygen Recording Studio in Verzuolo, Italy to put these 9 songs onto tape, with help from his good friend Paride Lanciani behind the console, as well as mastering mastermind Jason Ward of Chicago Mastering Service. 

Keeping to his minimalist ethos, all of the songs were tracked live, without overdubs.  His homespun voice and poetic, darkly earnest lyrics form the core of the material, as he plays his guitar simultaneously through 2 amplifiers, each set to a different, complimentary tone.  On certain songs, a few subtle electronics were added, and Stefano Abba of Kash lent his talents on the drums for a couple of tracks as well.  The result is music that is expansive yet intimate, appealing to fans of folk, shoegaze and lo-fi.

The songs themselves rely on a deep and honest sense of self reflection. What shines back may not always be instantly pretty, at first glance. But, is the truth ever exactly what you want, what you would expect to see?  As one's impression starts to solidify, the underlying beauty slowly begins to emerge, like a timid dove.  Structures reveal themselves.  Simple phrases and contrasts come alive.  The hearth is built, brick by brick, and the image created is profound and authentic.

Sick Room Records, LTD. is proud to offer this one-of-a-kind LP, limited to 500 copies.  Releasing 6/24/2014.

RIYL: Jason Molina/Songs:Ohia/Magnolia Electric Co., Galaxie 500, Smog, etc.

Featured tracks: 1,3,4,7


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