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Vinyl release includes CD.

Kippi's "Semplice Come Nuvole"

RELEASE DATE: March 25, 2014

KIPPI’S (it means “cheers” in Finnish) are three guys from Italy who believe in simple things. Daniel, guitarist/vocalist, is a Chinese teacher. Drummer Roberto owns a funeral home, and the bassist, Andrea, is a gravedigger. A pretty weird mix one might say.

The band came together when Daniel moved back to Italy from China in 2011 with the idea to make a record. He couldn't think of any other musicians to help him than his good friends Roberto and Andrea, so they rekindled their long-standing relationship. “We started playing together during high school but it was different, we were just kids and we all weren’t ready to make a serious record. After 10 years and different musical experiences we got back together, older, changed and ready to work hard to get a record done.

We have been going through a very productive two years and during rehearsals all the music just comes out like a flow, starting from some guitar notes or a drum and bass rhythm, the vocal improvisation comes out pretty natural too. We really believe this record and our music are special because we sing in Italian but we don’t sound like a tipical italian band at all, our decision to get the record done at The Oxygen studios was because we wanted that particular sound that is so not common here.

Music is the mirror of our existence at this right moment of our lives, it’s pretty tricky to describe our music, very different atmospheres lay together, an alternative psychedelic folk rock blend mostly, but what we all have clear in our mind is a rule in our composition: taking things out instead of putting too much crap in. Alienation in this society, sex as a cure and death are the three main topics of our record. Two thirds of the band work with people in mourning every day, and we end up talking about death all the time. We all believe it’s very natural, and this is what the general concept of the album is, the natural stream of things in today’s sick society. People are all like pigs, very simple animals, ready to eat and destroy whatever it’s thrown in front of them. You can eat everything out of a pig and this is like the three of us, very transparent, open and direct. Everyone should buy this vinyl because there is an entire world described by simple, repetitive and direct grooves, give Italian alternative music a chance, plus, its cover it’s just fabulous and full of meanings. Cheers to life folks!

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