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Vinyl release includes CD.

Radiant Republic "Three Against Four"

RELEASE DATE: October 29, 2013

Radiant Republic was formed in 2002 by multi-instrumentalist Brian Pennington (vocals, guitar, and initially, drums, bass, and piano.) Originally intended to be a studio-only project, several recordings were made at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio complex in Chicago. It eventually evolved into a live band trio, turning abstract and sometimes complicated recorded pieces into songs that can be played by 3 instruments. The sound is a combination of abrasive indie rock, odd time signatures, shoegazer pop, and psychedelic fuzz; all bound together by distinctive melodic vocals and deadpan humor.

Three Against Four was the product of a year's worth of songwriting and honing through regional live performances. Pennington's elaborate guitar style and dry vocals are as present as ever, but the addition of Brent Mix's polyphonic bass lines (not to mention lead vocals on "Given Time") and Daniel Costello's methodical drum parts make this the most collaborative RR recording by far. The instruments were captured in a single room with very little separation, meaning the listener is hearing the most true representation of the musicians interacting with each other as possible. Every Radiant record has been slightly more melodic than the previous one, though 3VS4 features some of the band's most agitated 'sheets of noise' as well. This is also the first record to be released by an outside label, notably Chicago's long-running and eclectic Sick Room Records (Bear Claw, Three Second Kiss, Papier Tigre, etc.) Despite a half-dozen releases and a decade under its belt, Three Against Four sounds like the work of a young band aiming to leave its mark within the world of uncompromising underground rock.

RIYL: Fugazi, Shellac, Jawbox, The Jesus Lizard, Unwound, etc.
Brian Pennington: vocals, guitar
Brent Mix: bass guitar, vocals
Daniel Costello: drums
Golden Gate Mistake EP (2004)
Lightning Always Strikes Something LP (2005)
Biblecyst EP(2006)
Madness is Not Having Enough Time to Lose Your Mind EP (2011)
Black Friday Session demo (2011)
Three Against Four LP (2013, Sick Room Records)

RR can be found through: Facebook, Bandcamp, Myspace, YouTube, and Spotify

P.O. Box 47830, Chicago, IL 60647  |  Email Us
Distributed by Stickfigure (USA), Stiff Slack (Japan), The Orchard (Digital)

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