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Vinyl release includes CD & download.

Hyrrokkin "Pristine Origin"

RELEASE DATE: October 1, 2013

Pristine Origin (Sick Room Records), is the debut LP from Hyrrokkin, an instrumental avant-rock power trio with boundless energy and a knack for navigating off-kilter, polyrhythmic arrangements. Pristine Origin features seven sprawling, energetic compositions, marked with the influence of serialism, free jazz, and the creative rock output from labels like Dischord, Homestead, and Touch & Go.

Just two months after forming the band in June of 2011, Hyrrokkin recorded their well-received cassette debut, Astrionics, and embarked on a six-week tour of North America. The group has since shared the stage with Mick Barr, William Hooker, Many Arms, and collaborated as members of Kid Million's Man Forever (Thrill Jockey), and with Black Flag guitar legend Greg Ginn.

The radical sound of the group reflects the cumulative musical experiences of the three musicians involved. Brett Nagafuchi (drums) and Paul Larkowski (guitar + bass) were both members of Kuan, an avant-punk band from Dayton, OH. Edward Ricart (guitar + bass) relocated from Washington, DC to Yellow Springs, OH to form the group, and has been a prolific member of the experimental music community. In addition to a rapidly expanding discography, he has worked alongside members of Fugazi, Bardo Pond, the Rollins Band, and Tortoise, as well as free-jazzers Peter Brotzmann, William Hooker, and Marshall Allen (of the Sun Ra Arkestra), among many others.

Pristine Origin was recorded by Jason LaFarge (Swans, Devendra Banhart, Sightings, Khanate) at Seizures Palace in Brooklyn, and mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. The LP features stunning art from noted photographer Oliver Wasow, expertly capturing in hyper-real clarity fascinating spaces in varying stages of decay. The tracks 'HAARP' and 'Tamariz' feature guest contributions from free jazz heavyweights Steve Swell (trombone), Roy Campbell Jr (trumpet), and Daniel Carter (soprano sax).

Pristine Origin will be released on clear vinyl (with a download card) in September, 2013, via Chicago's Sick Room Records. The package also includes Inspire Rioting, a free bonus CD of remixes and recompositions of music from the LP, featuring Charles Hayward (This Heat), Jerry Busher (Fugazi), James Plotkin (Phantomsmasher, Khanate), Jenks Miller (Mount Moriah, Horseback), KK Null (Zeni Geva), Kid Millions + Eli Winograd, Lasse Marhaug, Dylan Posa (Flying Luttenbachers), Designer, Public Speaking, Chester Hawkins, Johnny DeBlase(Many Arms, Zevious), Developer, and Mitch Cheney (Sweep the Leg Johnny, Rumah Sakit).

In July of 2013, Hyrrokkin recorded a new composition, 'Wisshak', for a split 7" with the Italian avant-rock quartet, Bellini (Temporary Residence), and two collaborative pieces for a 12" EP with noise pioneer, Merzbow. The group also plans to release a set of three 7" singles, with remixes on the b-sides, including 'Sephfus' b/w Doug Scharin remix, 'Super Agonist' b/w Kid606 remix, and 'Golden Square' b/w Andrea Parkins remix. Catch Hyrrokkin as they tour North America in support of Pristine Origin throughout the Fall!


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