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VINYL $12 (10")

Vinyl release includes CD.

We Ride On "Have Some"

RELEASE DATE: July 30, 2013

We Ride On violently grinds through your speakers much like post-hardcore if it were tied up on the tracks of an oncoming train blasting garage rock.  This Brooklyn three-piece creates driving music with enough rhythm to get your feet tapping and enough noise to remind you that the themes are anything but harmonious.  Brooding melodies are driven by combustible percussion and fueled by tales of horror based in both fiction and reality. 

Illustrator Phil Egner describes the music as “fucking mental debris everywhere! My brain is splattered all over the steering wheel, Tarantino shit.”  In that same vein, We Ride On’s debut album, entitled Have Some, could be compared to a rage-filled drive circumnavigating the great NYC island of Manhattan.  It starts with the lane shifting “Hot Spit,” much like a 50,000cc engine exploding out of a Lower East Side garage onto the badly paved streets.  With “Knifeback City” and “Sand Queen,” we furiously climb up the FDR Drive with tales of betrayal on the brain.  As if we switched off at one of the final exits on the island and took a long short cut through Harlem, we come upon the grunge induced “Plastic Vampire Teeth” and the sexy and sleazy “Dirt Cheap.”  The album’s title track, “Have Some,” puts us back on the highway heading in a south-bound descent.  “Out On The Road” takes this vengeful ride to the brink of self-destruction.  The instrumental track, “Theme,” takes us on a detour through Hell’s Kitchen and avoids any Disneyland ideas of Times Square.  Finally, we are driven to the end of Manhattan and taken out of the car for a walk on the “West Side Highway.”

We Ride On is comprised of Rhett Mataix, Stephen McColl, and Aaron Boroughs, whose former projects include Degrassi, Molasses Tavern, and Jan Cux.  Have Some was recorded at The Kennel in Brooklyn, NY over a weekend in late spring: one day to record the music live to 2 inch tape, the next for vocals and various percussion.  Mixed by Andy Manganello (Johnny Cash, Björk) and mastered by Grammy winner Pablo Arraya, We Ride On makes their debut on Chicago’s Sick Room Records in the form of 10 inch vinyl accompanied by a CD. 

RIYL: The Wipers, Hot Snakes, The Stooges, Rye Coalition, Misfits, Rocket From The Crypt.

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