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Vinyl release includes download.

Phantom Works "Phantom Works"

RELEASE DATE: September 20, 2011

With two self-released singles and a live EP under their belt, Phantom Works have already been shaking it up with their frenetic take on this thing we call rock and roll.  Sick Room is very pleased to help them realize their next effort, a fantastic self-titled, full length LP.

Cooked up in 2008 by three housemates and longtime friends in their Chicago home studio, a number of different influences help shape their sound.  Midwest post-punk (The Jesus Lizard, Tar) at the roots, a healthy dash of So-Cal freak out (RFTC, Hot Snakes) along with their own experimental herbs and spices all serve to create a potent, magical, high-energy witches’ brew.

When all these elements come to a boil, things really start to pop and sizzle.  Matt Seifert and Kris Poulin revel in their duality, as their guitar lines and vocals collide and intertwine with one another, while Drummer Jim Duffy pounds things out at the nucleus, creating a focal point to the swarming musical mélange. 

The nine wigged out songs on this record will simultaneously enthrall, excite, and enchant you, because this record has an allure and magnetism that simply will not be contained.

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