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Vinyl release includes CD.

Bear Claw "Refuse This Gift"

RELEASE DATE: October 19, 2010

Bear Claw's 3rd release "Refuse This Gift" is the result of ongoing experimentation and collaborative writing over the 3 years predating the release of the album. A conscious effort has been made to use more dynamics as well as more attention to the vocal aspect of the music on "Refuse this Gift". This is the result of maturity and experience on where the band has been and where it is heading.The writing process for Refuse This Gift involved a true group effort with hours and hours of collected ideas being fully explored, developed, and finally organized into concrete songs.

Refuse This Gift was recorded by Steve Albini in Studio A at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL. This is the 3rd album Steve has recorded for Bear Claw and the result is a nearly perfect sonic representation of the band. The clarity and power captured on this release is the result of a open and comfortable yet organized and directed recording approach which Bear Claw and Steve have further and further refined with each new project undertaken.

The end result contained on Refuse This Gift represents the most cohesive and texturally diverse release for the band to date. A perfect marriage of melody, dynamics, intricate rhythms, and song mood shifts while maintaining Bear Claw's traditionally aggressive attack with the obtuse instrumentation of 2 bass guitars and drums comprise the cornerstone elements of this release.

Sick Room is honored to present this release, a limited efition of 1,000 LPs with a CD included in the package.

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