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Martha's Vineyard Ferries "In The Pond"

RELEASE DATE: September 21, 2010

Martha’s Vineyard Ferries is a summer fun punk band, created by Elisha Weisner (Kahoots), Bob Weston (Shellac, Volcano Suns, Mission of Burma), and Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine, The New Year), when they got together for a few days in 2009. Their new EP, In The Pond, is a 4 song 12” with music on one side, and a sweet little etching by Rosemary Hoeft on the other. It is a very nice record.

Elisha describes their process thusly:

“the band started as a fake joke band name bob and i were using with some vague intention of maybe playing some music. we asked chris to be the drummer in the fake band. a while after that we decided to actually do it, sent demos back and forth and got together at bobs house in chicago for a couple days of recording and eating hot dogs. Basically it's just 3 friends playing punk rock. all of us have larger musical commitments outside of the ferries but, for me at least, it was fun to just kind of come up with a silly idea see it turn into something really cool. I am certainly looking forward to playing some shows and future recording. It's fun to be in a band with no pressure, no expectations and no real time frame.”

Sick Room Records is proud to be able to deliver this one of a kind, limited edition 12” for your listening pleasure.

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