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Vinyl release includes download.

Passe Montagne "Oh My Satan"

RELEASE DATE: April 20, 2010

Oh My Satan is the third studio effort by Passe Montagne, a follow-up to their debut, Long Play (Ruminance) and Extended Play, a four-song EP (Euphrate Records). Guitarists Gilles Montaufray and Samuel Cochetel live in Nantes, France while drummer extraordinaire Julien Fernandez (Chevreuil, owner of Africantape Records) resides in Pescara, Italy. In 2009, despite living in different countries, the three friends reunited in the studio to create this album. With 12 songs packed into about 22 minutes, the pace is frenetic to say the least. Any hint of excess, repetition or precious noodling was left on the cutting room floor. Where Long Play came off as more math rock, tight and calculated, on Oh My Satan the guys seem to let loose a little more, with blistering riffs that build and crash sometimes even stopping dead, without really losing the underlying structure. As their confidence grows, their techniques have evolved, taking on a life of their own, becoming looser, more carefree, while retaining the craft, skill and style that they have developed playing together over time. Everyone knows that a lot of instrumental indie projects can come off as pretentious, but the music of Oh My Satan, despite its devilish title, is quite endearing and a whole lot of fun. Sick Room Records, in partnership with Afrricantape, is proud to bring this record to the USA in a limited edition (500 copies) 12” format with a free download included in the purchase.

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