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The Blackbelt Band "A New Community"

RELEASE DATE: June 19, 2009

Founded in the great city of New Orleans, the members of The Blackbelt Band have been playing together in various projects (Community, The Wrong History) over the last 12 years.  Drawing from personal experience, as well as the rich traditions of their environment, these guys have combined a myriad of different elements to develop their signature style. 

The ten tracks on A New Community present themselves as instantly listenable, but at the same time intelligent, intricate and profound. The group boasts a blend of acoustic, electric and electronic instrumentation. Traces of progressive/experimental rock, blues, post-punk, reggae, cinematic scoring, and about a hundred thousand other influences can show up at any given moment.  Rather than hop around in and out of genres, these guys have instead smoothly combined all of these seemingly disparate elements into each song to create something entirely unique.

“The writing process rarely starts with a clear outline (if any at all) of an entire song,” Remarks bassist Kevin Comarda, “It usually begins with one part being layered and built upon another, until the subsequent parts (or something better) make themselves evident.  This unconventional style of writing, and our eclectic musical backgrounds make it difficult to classify.”

As a live band, these guys are simply transcendent. The music is so rich, so multilateral, as each song unfolds its story. Each component plays wonderfully off the next. Individual musical lines converge and separate, weaving among themselves, producing a whole different atmosphere capable of lifting even the most jaded, apathetic heart.  Sick Room Records, LTD. is honored to help The Blackbelt band realize their vision for this project.

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