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Three Second Kiss "Long Distance"

RELEASE DATE: January 15, 2009

Straight out of Bologna, Italy, Sick Room Records and Africantape are proud to deliver the thick, beefy sounds of Three Second Kiss. Think stop/start melodies, tension/release song forms, dark, heavy low end and piercing, punctuating highs. These guys would fare well in the post-rock lunchbox among such venerable acts as US Maple, The Jesus Lizard, and June of ’44.

Sacha Tilotta’s open-room drums sound crisp and tight, like a leaf of fresh farmer’s lettuce. Massimo Mosca’s intricate bass lines have all the juice and tanginess of a hearty slice of Roma Tomato, his voice, smooth, like creamy mayo, just enough there to give us the perfect flavor.  And then the guitar work of Sergio Carlini would be the bean sprouts.  Wiggly, noodley, writhing on the surface, sometimes you get a mouthful and sometimes not, yet there is always something stuck in your teeth at the end.  

Oh and of course we cannot forget the most important part.  The meat of this succulent sandwich consists of the heart and soul these three men bring to the table.  Since 1993 they have been touring, recording, working hard:  Five records, countless days on the road in Europe and the USA with the likes of June of ’44, The Shipping News, Shellac and Bear Claw, including an appearance at All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2002.  But above and beyond, these young men have demonstrated a tremendous passion for music and an unquenchable thirst for life and beauty, and in the process have created something we can all sink our teeth into...

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