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Them, Roaringtwenties "Future Sandwich"

RELEASE DATE: March 8, 2008

"It would seem that prog-rock is making a comeback. Bands like Deerhoof and Make Believe have made it cool to make music that actually takes some (a lot) of skill to play. Them, Roaring Twenties, following in that vein...riffing with the drummer to produce these fractured melodies that turn on a dime, leaving the listener constantly on edge...had me thinking of Tortoise at times, and realizing that post-rock is just a term hipsters came up with to say
they listened to jazz without admitting it." - Jason Shanley - (Radio Free Chicago, January 31, 2007)

Sweet. So what else is there for me to say in this one-sheet after such a glowing live review? For starters... the Them, Roaring Twenties release "Future Sandwich" (on Sick Room Records in March, 2008) is an initial limited run board game/cd. The Disc comes in an authentic game set-up box with gameboard, playing pieces and a cute little pair of dice. The game is set up for you to walk the same streets of Chicago that Them, Roaring Twenties stroll; all while learning interesting and personal tidbits about the band and their take TR20s Chicago musical experiences.

I'll let James (Them, Roaring Twenties Keyboardist/Vocalist) take it from here:

"Our first show was in Kankakee, IL. It was just me (James) and David. We wore fake moustaches and basically cleared out the venue. We have a tendency to do that from time to time, even now. It seems some folks just don't really get it, which i guess is understandable. We've always thought of ourselves as a musicians' band. The name was originally going to be The Roaring Twenties. We eventually settled on Them, Roaring Twenties because it sounds like lunch lady talk. Sometimes venues will think we are two bands on a bill Them and Roaring Twenties but never lunch ladies.

We all loved Chicago music in the 90's except for Joe who listened to Dream Theater. Basically we want to take our influences and make songs that hardly repeat and have a more linear format from start to finish. We all joke about having A.D.D. musically. Especially David, when he writes a part it can't be the same thing for too long or he totally loses interest in it. I think over time we've all become that way. David, Frank and Joe have all been playing
their instruments for a while before starting the band, I didn't start playing piano until just before David moved here (Chicago) like 3 years ago.

Vocals are usually hit or miss. Sometimes we include 'em & sometimes we don't. We really are set on them being ridiculous and about stuff we think about daily, in particular muff ...more of an instrument than than a lyricist. Sometimes they get way erotic and out of hand. The song titles are usually just random sentences of things David will make up or we'll over hear someone say. Usually one of us will say something perverted or funny, then just agree it will be a song title.

As for as timeline. Basically the band has exsisted as Them, Roaring Twenties for a little over two years. In that time we've done three self booked tours, played over 200 shows and gone through three drummers & a percusionist. We practice just about everyday. Writing songs takes FOOOOOOORRREVERRRRRRR. I don't know what else to tell ya."

Exactly...I don't really know what else you would need to know.

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