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Alexis Gideon "Flight of the Liophant"

RELEASE DATE: January 10, 2008

One man gospel-circus, catoon-necessary schizo-rap New York hillbilly, aged and innocent provocateur, alexis gideon has emerged with the craziest music currently available, which is only to say it is the most familiar. Listen to him if you like it when a stranger composes movies in song about your secret life. From joy to mourning and back again and none of it harder or easier than it has to be. The most familiar music in America .

alexis gideon has toured nationally with Dan Deacon as well as played shows with Barr , Parts and Labor , Excepter , T hey Shoot Horses , Matt and Kim and many others.

Gideon comes close to a strange kind of genius. If the odder side of life is what gets you going, this is the quirk rock for you.” -Doug Simpson Skyscraper

“…with enough imagination to both confuse and inspire the experimental crowd, the underground hip-hop crowd, and that sizeable crowd that worships Mike Patton.” -Ross Simonini Resonance

“Eccentrics like Animal Collective and Beck come to mind when spinning Gideon , who loops beats, warps guitars, and creates a carnival of schizophrenic sounds morphing from dreamy folk to dancehall fodder.” -Spin .com artist of the day 12/28/2006

“By turns frightening and hysterically funny, Gideon 's tracks sound like the product of a consciousness that is no longer grounded in any semblance of logic — from the schizophrenic, free-form lyrics to the music — which is a curious rap/no-wave/metal/calliope hybrid for which rhythm, meter, and adherence to traditional musical forms are often more of a guideline than a rule…

Like Beck , Alexis Gideon is able to effortlessly slip in and out of a veritable cast of personas, in addition to being an exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalist. But with lyrics more twisted and music infinitely more idiosyncratic then any of Beck's recordings, which sound like Top-40 pap by comparison, …[ Gideon ] creates a kind of scary intimacy between itself and the listener that forces you to keep coming back for more …In any case, it's brilliantly conceived and executed.”-Olskooly Tiny Mix Tapes

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