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Howard Hello/Greenness "Howard Hello/Greenness split 2xCD"

RELEASE DATE: July 3, 2007

Right off the bat...let's start by saying that this is a very special one for Sick Room Records. SRR044 is a Benefit 2xCD release. All artists' proceeds/money go to Childrens' Musical Education in St. Augustine, Florida. It is also a rare opportunity for two members of Rumah Sakit [Kenseth Thibideau (Howard Hello, Rumah Sakit, Sleeping People, Pinback, Goblin Cock) & Mitch Cheney (Greenness, Rumah Sakit, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Species Being)] to get together and create new music along with old and new friends all in the name of trying to make a small difference for future musicians.

State funding for Arts & Humanities seems to be the first portion of the budget cut from children's education and setting up a fund to help the local people dictate where their tax deductible money goes is a great step in the right direction. We only wish that we could do more...that's where you come some kids out and listen to some great music in the process...simple.

There are a total of 20 tracks featuring five unreleased tracks by HOWARD HELLO, four unreleased tracks from GREENNESS and 11 extra tracks of collaborative material (on Greenness LP SIDE) featuring the donated time, effort and talents of:

SUNSET CLUB - Christian Beaulieu (Triclops!, Bottles & Skulls), Dieter Foit and Mitch
TSUI - Mike Presta (A Bit Farther West, O.G. Tsui) and Mitch
JOHN CITRONE (Greenness, Bogus Pomp) and Mitch
N LEAGUE - Craig Ackerman (Abilene, Lustre King), Noah Leger (Milemerker, Taking Pictures, Hurl) w/Mitch
MDLFS#4 - Kenseth, Marty Anderson (Howard Hello, Dilute, Okay), Jay & Ian Pellicci (Dilute, Okay, 31 Knots), John Baez & Jeff Shannon (Rumah Sakit), Craig Colla (Dilute) and Mitch
LIBRARY TAPES - David Wenngren (Sweden - Library Tapes) with Rick Colado (Julius Airwave) and Mitch
A BIT FARTHER WEST - Mike Presta (A Bit Farther West, O.G. Tsui) with Marty Anderson (Howard Hello, Dilute, Okay) and Mitch
BEN MJOLSNESS - Ben Mjolsness (Mass Shivers) and Mitch
SPECIES BEING - Frank Grau (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), Kenseth, Eli Good (Eli Good, Grassy Knoll), Matt Lebofsky (Mumble & Peg, 3 Piece Combo) and Mitch.

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