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Julius Airwave "The City, The Forest"

RELEASE DATE: May 19, 2007

The City The Forest, Julius Airwave's second full length, is a woven journey over and under the map's surface...a needle threading a flat piece of cloth like a serpent seeking knowledge.

The initial anchor knot resides in the woods; a place where 90 degree angles are extremely rare and the young mind, with it's inexperience and carefree nature, becomes enticed by the little sunlight balls on sticks glowing and pulsing their shining siren songs from the city's streets like fire-flies lining the sides of a funeral procession. Chad Bryan of the Ants penned it years ago. "The death march is our gift" let's celebrate the beauty of the death march...let's come to understand Julius Airwave's travels.

The route of songwriter Rick Colado, along with fellow tome-travelers Chris Gibson, Mark Hubbard and Jeff Mehlhoff, has now stitched seams through cement and back towards the foothills, pulling them both closer together into a pocket lined with mirrors. The continuous reflection of these opposites opening never-ending doorways of comparison until the facing flats realize that their world is round after all.

Dragons are the New Pink, the group's previous offering from 2004 gave us optimism and playfulness. Now, the songs and words of The City The Forest knit the elements of their worn map back into a stuffed animal with the porcelain eyes of an old sage. Their revamped live show is a testament to this re-found appreciation of celebration. Now joined by fifth member Jeremiah Johnson (Wooden), the occasional sixth member dancing hot dog and number seven, the robot you'll grow to love, the balloons line the stage and the seriousness has left the night club. After all, once you've experienced how ridiculous the industry's ladder really is, the good times with friends and family become the skyscrapers worth walking towards.

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