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Che Arthur "Iron"

RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2007

Playing all the instruments himself (save drums), Che Arthur makes a jagged and haggard intrusion into the safe, paint-by-numbers world of the singer-songwriter. --

Arthur is a clearly talented singer/songwriter…capable of greatness…--iTunes Album Review by All Music Guide

Che Arthur remains a busy guy. After a solo U.S. tour in fall 2003 in support of his debut solo full-length, All Of Your Tomorrows Were Decided Today ( Flameshovel Records ), he was deluged with requests to again hit the road as a sound engineer and tour manager, eventually spending most of ‘04 and ‘05 touring with artists like Minus The Bear, Pelican, and The Album Leaf. During this time, Atombombpocketknife (the Chicago band of which Che was a member from 2000-‘05) also released its third and final full-length Lack and Pattern ( File-13 Records ), played the All Tomorrow's Parties festival and toured in the UK .

Che also wrote and recorded his second solo album. Iron (Out March 6, 2007 on Sick Room Records ) is the culmination of almost three years of writing, recording and touring after the release of Tomorrows . Recorded mostly by himself, with tracking assistance from Justin Sinkovich (ex-Atombombpocketknife) and featuring Arthur on most of the instruments, Iron displays a musical depth, range and fierce individualism only hinted at on Tomorrows . Some of the lyrical themes touched on that first LP are revisited - but if anything, this time the feelings behind those words are lain even more bare. This is truly the most detailed map of Che Arthur's often-dark emotional landscape to date. It's a record that almost didn't see the light of day. According to Che:

“I came really close a few times to just erasing it and quitting. I was at home working on it by myself month in and month out, really over-thinking things a lot of times and being very frustrated with how they were going. This record is such a personal statement that it had to be as close to perfect as I was capable of making it.”

“The song ‘The Dark War' basically explains what the whole record is about, and I think those words are pretty easy to understand. While I was writing most of those songs I saw myself as an enormous failure - in my art, in relationships, in life in general. This record is about trying desperately to find optimism and instead feeling as though I'd found nothing. It's about feeling disappointed in other people, my country, and myself.”

A native of Mobile , Alabama , Che Arthur moved to Chicago in the mid-1990s, while a member of the respected (if underexposed) Chicago-by-way-of-Alabama band Universal Life And Accident. U.L.&A. released an EP and toured sporadically, ending in early 2000. Arthur soon joined Atombombpocketknife, in time to play on that band's second LP God Save The ABPK (Southern Records). After ABPK came to a close in 2005, Arthur moved to Austin , TX . Che's “day job” is sound engineering and tour managing; in addition to having been a house engineer at Chicago venues like the Empty Bottle and the revered/missed Lounge Ax, he's toured with a long list of indie rock luminaries- Shellac, The Black Heart Procession and Jets To Brazil, to name a few.

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