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Alexis Gideon "Welcome Song"

RELEASE DATE: January 9, 2007

One man gospel-circus, cartoon-necessary schizo-rap New York hillbilly, aged and innocent provocateur, alexis gideon has emerged with the craziest music currently available, which is only to say it is the most familiar. Listen to him if you like it when a stranger composes movies in song about your secret life. From joy to mourning and back again and none of it harder or easier than it has to be. The most familiar music in America.

“Alexis Gideon's record fills the void his former noise-rap duo, Princess, left behind. He Combines sounds of experimental electronic and hip hop with the playful, genre-bending and jokester antics of Ween. Off Kilter drum programming, schizophrenic synths, frantic guitars, jew's harp, beatbox, yodeling and rapid-fire rhymes all make appearances along psychedelic ballads and hypnotic interludes. At a time when everything is retro, it's refreshing to hear something new.” Amber Drea , music writer and editor for Venus 

“Have you heard this shit? Probably not, how could you have? This is the shit Tricky has wet dreams about, that The DFA tried to tap into on their 3 disc compilation tat Steve Albini almost Killed Stza to achieve. Alexis Gideon (half of Chicago 's greatest cross dressing duo Princess) has finished his first foray into the solo record world and has managed to create a genre all his own. Try and wrap your head around the US Maple inspired mind fuck intro “Housewarming (For Victor)”, the if-The-Meatpuppets-listened-to-rap ecstasy of “Casio Elation (For Dan Deacon)”, or the hip hop super group that should have existed ten years ago on “Triumvirate”. Alexis has covered all the bases of modern experimental music and in turn has created something wholly new in the process. Unlike anything you've heard, and probably all you'll ever really need.” Zach Pink Shoes , Music editor for Lumpen

Sick Room is pleased to have Alexis Gideon as part of our roster, and we hope you, the audience, will find enjoyment in his work.

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Distributed by Stickfigure (USA), Stiff Slack (Japan), The Orchard (Digital)

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