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Let's Be Active, William Elliott Whitmore, Paradise Island, Ft (The Shadow Government) "Let's Be Active: Keep The Fuzz Off My Buzz"

RELEASE DATE: July 18, 2006

Let's Be Active: Keep the Fuzz Off My Buzz , is a double disc audio and visual experience, like no other. The CD is a re-issue of a limited edition LP that features exclusive tracks from all parties involved. The DVD is a feature length documentary film by Dallas Richard Hallam of King Power Cinema. Hallam documented a week long package tour from May of 2004 that featured William Elliott Whitmore, Jenny Hoyston's Paradise Island , FT (the Shadow Government) and Lets Be Active.

The film documents the ups and downs of a tour on the Midwest rock circuit, and highlights the insufferable nature of traveling in a van with these four raucous acts. Would a childhood rivalry or "beef", result in a six hour long rap battle between Lets Be Active and William Elliott Whitmore? Was there really a pre-dawn raid by federal agents that landed the Shadow Government and Paradise Island in an undisclosed FEMA re-education camp? The answer to these questions is cloudy, but what is clear is that this film is loaded with live footage of your favorite rock combos, and from gate to wire, provides an average of a laugh a minute.

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