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Instrumental Quarter "Traffic Jam"

RELEASE DATE: May 16, 2006

The critically acclaimed International Quartet, INSTRUMENTAL QUARTER, have written an album that could only have been born in the shade of Pian Fiorito's mountainous sides and timeless Saluzzo , Italy . Paride Lanciani (electric & acoustic guitars),

GabrieleGrosso (bass), Luca Bleu (drums) and Davide Areondo (violin, Rhodes & Theremin) offer us TRAFFIC JAM. These arrangements walk us along and through the circles and cycles of seasonal change that only a region not dominated by cement, advertising or gluttony could produce. The collaboration between human & environment that seems to become so grey and cold within the confines and definitions of the city escapes colorfully into rain, birds, flowers, rowed trees, moving water, fluttering birds and fiery sunsets. Through these visceral daydreams, we see better realizations of our own intentions.

Included on the CD are four of the live videos that Francesco Calabrese has produced for IQ's live shows. They provide excellent and unobtrusive visuals that support, rather than dominate, their performances. It's time to take yourself on a little trip to the mountainsides of Italy . Release yourself from the confines of your cubicle, cell phone and television for a short while with TRAFFIC JAM.

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