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Just A Fire "Spanish Time"

RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2006

Just A Fire (chris daly, scott adamson (ex son of adam), and fred erskine) has been kicking around the planet for about three years now. Soon after they got together, they recorded "Light Up", a rocking collection of songs about love, life, death, taxes, and freedom. they quickly got out and started seeing the world from the stages of dingy rock clubs everywhere from NYC to Los Angeles, and Tokyo to Zagreb. Meanwhile, back in the lab, they had another batch of new material ready for the presses, but could never find the right time to put the songs to tape. Thankfully, because as time passed, the songs improved with some changes. Some even went out the window. Seems that the chemistry was simmering to a boil. So later than planned, but better than expected, we get Spanish Time, named after the right time to do anything right. with patience and care. So this past fall they finally got into the studio to put down the new and improved workings of just a fire. expansions on the themes from the first record, yet honed to a finer point, these songs all demand a listening. from the opening of sidebet, "here's my sidebet,..." to the close in goat dinner "....of goat", you'll be wondering how these boys did it. And i'll tell you... on Spanish time.

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