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AM Syndicate "Empire"

RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2006

Somewhere, in the depths of the Mojave Desert , there exists a ghost town. Almost all of the buildings that line the lonely main street have long been boarded up and deserted. Hardly any sign of life is visible, save one peculiar oddity. An eccentric old woman, a retired film actress from ages past, still occupies the town's dilapidated theater. She has fashioned a menagerie of life-sized puppets. Each day, she creates an elaborate, mythical performance for anyone who happens to pass by. Sometimes, there is no audience, yet the show still goes on. Isolation has driven her to the brink of insanity. Her heart lies in the place where fantasy and reality mingle.

AM Syndicate, a troupe of eight from Austin, Texas, could perhaps be the band to provide the soundtrack for one of these fanciful performances. Their open song structures create a feeling that evokes the dry, exotic vistas one might find in a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel; a land where the wind kicks up violent swirls of dust, a place where bands of ethereal, perhaps dangerous nomads appear as dots on the horizon.

Varied influences, tinkling middle-eastern melodies, gypsy-like strings, contemporary rock and electronica, tribal drum beats, and elements inspired by the great American west, all combine to form a sweeping soundscape that is rich and colorful, yet at the same time desolate and intriguing.

AM Syndicate includes members of Rhythm of Black Lines, Knife in the Water, the Innocents, the Rise, and the current bassist for And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead.

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