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Princess "Princess"

RELEASE DATE: September 18, 2005

It is indeed difficult to deem the style-busting music of Princess anything less than indescribably unique. This genius Chicago duo of Michael O’Neill and Alexis Gideon has thrown down a gauntlet of experimental electro-math rap that also borrows elements from ‘psychedelic music, country, noise, ‘80s funk, death metal and almost any other genre anyone can think of. But rather than disintegrating into total chaos, the overall sound possesses a profound sense of personal unity, engaging the listener, while making sure that there is a surprise around every corner. It’s kind of like running an audiophile’s brain through a blender and sifting out the chunks.

Last year, Princess took their live show on the road with such notable acts as The Aluminum Group, Scream Club, Barr, and the Coughs, and were greeted with heaps upon heaps of praise from surprised audiences. As word-of-mouth keeps spreading, there’s no telling what the future holds.

“Princess can easily be considered one of the most intriguing and endearing records to be released this year…A wondrous record that lends itself to being a party album as it does to musical analysis.”
Tiny Mix Tapes

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