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Chevreuil "Sport"

RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2005

So if french fries are now “freedom fries”, does that mean exports Chevreuil (Tony C.— guitars and Julien F.— drums) create Freedom Rock? Is that Freedom Rock? Turn it up, man!

The basic premise of the band is this: Using a setup that consists of no less than four different amplifiers, Tony uses multiple layers to construct dynamic, complex, and swirling riffs. At the same time, Julien's percussion cuts through the chaos, keeping all these silver balloons from flying off into space. The result is a set of songs that can be quirky and off-kilter, yet at the same time tight as hell, incorporating the modus operandi of tension/release, along the contours of a more melodic profile.

If one thinks of contemporaries like Hella or Don Cab, with their technical prowess, as a thick juicy steak, then Chevreuil's groove-oriented approach might come across as a fine slice of venison, just as meaty but perhaps a little more refined and exotic. Either way, it's enough to awaken those animal instincts, and set your mouth to water.

Originally released in 2000 on the French label Ruminance, Sick Room Records is proud to offer this record to the American audience for the first time.


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Distributed by Stickfigure (USA), Stiff Slack (Japan), The Orchard (Digital)

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