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Lozenge "Undone"

RELEASE DATE: June 20, 2005

Lozenge is a Chicago-based band consisting of Kyle Bruckmann (electric accordion, minimoog, oboe, voice), Kurt Johnson (electric bass), Philip Montoro (metal percussion), and Mark Stevens (drums). Kurt has served in the Flying Luttenbachers and Kyle is active as an improviser, both under his own name and in ongoing groups such as EKG and Wrack. 

Lozenge formed in Houston, Texas, in 1992, disbanded in 1994, and regrouped in Chicago in 1996. John Robbins, who played electric viola and tenor saxophone, was a member of Lozenge from that point until late 2000, when he left an empty space in the world by deciding not to be alive anymore. The very tall Boris Hauf, who lives in Berlin, currently saxophones with the band when everyone is in the same place at the same time. Kyle moved to San Francisco in late 2003 and Kurt has since relocated to West Virginia. Philip and Mark remain in Chicago, awaiting a sign. 

A partial discography, omitting seven-inches, compilation appearances, and self-released recordings, includes the full-lengths/ Plenum/ (Farrago, 1994),/ Doozy/ (Toyo, 2000),/ Mishap/ (live album, Sickroom, 2002), and/ Undone/ (Sickroom, 2005). 

About the band's sound. Think of a metal-forming press operated by squirrels. A tornado that obeys traffic signals. A clothes dryer full of ball bearings, hornets, and large blocks of foam rubber. Or better yet, put the music on / Undone /in your ear holes. 

Lozenge songs are designed to disintegrate in flight. The idea is to get all the pieces back onto the runway at the same time. The studio albums provide reference versions of the tunes, so that a well-schooled attendee at a live show can recognize the moment when Lozenge leaps from the rails and starts plowing across the countryside in a widening spiral, collecting broken fenceposts, rusty bear traps, and garlands of flowers as it goes. The band operates like an 18th-century automaton, driven by tarnished springs and incomprehensible incantations: the mechanism is so complex that failure is inevitable. And in music as in many other areas of life, failure often produces something more startling and beautiful than sticking to the plan ever could. 

The liner notes to/ Undone/ contain further details about instrumentation, lyrics for the handful of songs that have them, and two track titles in Old English. Apologies to your typesetters.

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