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Mass Shivers "Mass Shivers"

RELEASE DATE: November 25, 2004

“Staying silent leaves little space for indulgence,” or violence, as three men taking a dive must consider before hitting the surface. Accordingly, re-advancing the beginning (while simultaneously considering the abnormalities born of growth spurts) becomes paramount. Conducive to this ownership of youth, swelling is then chosen to shun the ultimate oppressors while decreasing all inhibitions associated with vast questioning.

Having side-stepped the most immediate answers, the trio approach the under-belly of the conscience where marginalized, repetitive and often ambiguous we-don't-knows attack the twin parallels, wisdom and virility. Without the steady flux of these two agents, contemplating reality as a natural obsession becomes virtually obsolete. More simply, it forces these three beings into a realm never quite here, but always somewhere else. The masses tremble at the prospect of surrendering their freedom of speech, spirituality, home ownership, healthcare, and food.

A man called Blue Hawaii, via satellite Radio Berlin , helped transfer these things to tape, and he did it well. With the aid of stimulants, depressants, and rooftop bocce ball sessions, the sounds and feels got together and are thus presented.


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