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Bear Claw "Find the Sun"

RELEASE DATE: October 24, 2004

Imagine walking into a donut shop, delirious with hunger. Not just anything will suffice. You have a man's appetite and you need a man's pastry. You glance past all of the crullers, long johns and old fashioneds and dismiss them as trivial, wimpy snacks. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see a BEAR CLAW. Golden brown, caked with glaze, gleaming like a diamond among stones. This is what you have been hankering for, a meaty slab of fresh dough, infused with gooey cinnamon and fit for a king.

It is the music of BEAR CLAW that you will devour with every fiber of energy. The thundering bass lines will stick to your ribs. You will feel the pounding drum frenzy in the pit of your aching gut. Sweat will pour from your body as it writhes in pure fits of adrenaline fueled ecstasy. Strange primal noises will emerge from the depths of your bowels, and after the moment has passed you will be licking your fingers with delight.

In the summer of 2002, the band was formed in Chicago when three of the members of Hello, Operator needed to pursue a new musical direction. According to drummer Scott Picco, “The goal was to use two basses but not have them sound like two basses if you get my drift. We were going for a 3 piece rock band that just had more guts and low end.” With a sound inspired by legacy of such venerable hometown acts as The Jesus lizard, Big Black and Tar, these gentlemen enlisted the aid of Steve Albini to produce Find the Sun , their debut record. Sick Room Records, Ltd. is honored to have a hand in helping them release this album.

Rich Fessler – Bass, Vocals
Scott Picco – Drums, Vocals
Rob Rasperlich - Bass

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Distributed by Stickfigure (USA), Stiff Slack (Japan), The Orchard (Digital)

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