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Julius Airwave "Dragons Are The New Pink"

RELEASE DATE: June 12, 2004

We are a group of storytellers walking this spinning globe; yarning our experiences into blankets of opposing textures and comfort..........

The Julius Airwave sit on the fringes of our sucktacularly hip and excluding mirage of D.I.Y. "independent" music....where sometimes the mere mention of accessibility sends the white belts into the washer with brown Rit dye. But that's just the point and it just poked me in the eye and the hole that it left makes me see better with all of my other senses.... who cares what you have wrapped around your waistline... who cares if you play dungeons and dragons.... who cares what they like.... what do you like?

The Julius Airwave put their stories down in their back yard in a green shed. Words for everyone...their likes and dislikes and circumstances and helpful hints and neurotic nails and tickled penguins and love songs. There's no need to yell at you to show you how we all can need to throw on some retro-jeans jacket Keith Richards' steez to get you to pay attention.... just brilliant song writing... documents... observations that live within and outside all of us.

As Francesco Calabrese, Instrumental Quarter's video director, stated with graceful broken italian/english, "Is beautiful...this life....all the difference..... pain.... love.... comfort...... tragedy.... all compositional to the true picture.....the life picture.......soooo beautiful......" At least that's what I took from the conversation..... learn to love it all and to love your own view as well.

"Dragons..." is the Julius Airwave's view and it is gorgeous....and they did it themselves in a little green shed in their back yard. That's D.I.Y.

This is a band that will get much more than Sickroom records can immediately offer them.

Rick Colado - guitar, vocals
Chris Gibson - bass
Mark Hubbard - drums

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