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Cheval De Frise "Cheval De Frise"

RELEASE DATE: April 8, 2004

Cheval De Frise are from France . No Wait. Cheval De Frise are from freedom. The thirteen songs here create a vast and beautiful aural landscape, and the entire album becomes a journey into this stunning wilderness. Just like in nature, a sublime beauty lies in the combination of organic and free-form elements within a distinct yet subtle framework.

Vincent Beysselance and Thomas Bonvale comprise this classical guitar/drums twosome from Bordeaux. They spread their songs out like a lavish feast, inviting the listener to dine on a wide array of lush textures, rolling melodies, and expansive soundscapes. Each piece is a morsel to be treasured, a taste like no other, timeless, to be savored like a fine French wine.

Although comparisons to other bands like Don Caballero, Hella, and Gastr Del Sol have been uttered, certain elements, like the skillful use of decomposing melodies, and the smoother and more integrated approach surely set a distinct place at the table for Cheval De Frise.

This is the official US version of their loudly lauded debut, which was originally released in Europe by Sonore Records.


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