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The Ants "Victory Side"

RELEASE DATE: June 8, 2004

You must love this life. Even if you hate this life you must love this hate. You must love this life you have made for yourself. You have made this life for yourself. This is your life. This is your time. This is the only time. This is time. This is worth making some kind of something of. This is worth getting up. This is worth doing something. This is worth trying to find things. This is a love affair.

There will be a fluctuation between madness and comfort. Between harmony and dissonance. Art as therapy and life as science experiment (non-controlled group). Expression with the hope of communication with people who seek communication. Communication as sickness. Communication as healing. Childhood colors. Dark corners. Laughter.

The people who try to win everything. The people who want to dominate everything. vs. The people who try to steal time. The people who do not want to work their bodies to the bone.

And then there is acceptance. With acceptance come breathing and perspective and humor.

Travel as cleansing. Travel to prove there are things worth living for. Experience as treasure chest. Experience as wisdom. Micro and macro. self and SELF.

The comedy of self. Ridiculous self. The comedy of country. The comedy of nationalism.The comedy of authority. The comedy of circumstance. Situational comedy: Three's Company

Work and play. Comedy and tragedy. The self and the other. Madness and comfort. Love and distance.

“Chad Bryan is one of the best word-handlers in the business of words, and he sings his own life and ours in the songs he writes, tells it the way it has to be told. Most of his songs—even those that seem at first to be built around some comic situation—are about loss, about the dark and being alone and sometimes something close to madness. Sometimes madness. They are about spirits trying not to be broken, and sometimes breaking anyway. They are about people who have failed or who are trying not to, who have been untrue to themselves or to others and died short.A good part of what makes his songs mean as much to as they do is his ability to give us a sense of being somewhere in particular, a sense of place. Toward that real and imagined and true world of The Ants. Of each one of us. Which is why the world of The Ants is important. Listen.” –Miller Williams

The Ants is Songwriter Chad Bryan and friends. They are from the wide open plains of Kansas . Victory Side is their second release for us here at Sick Room, a follow up to Sparkling Disaster Strategies (2002). We are proud to share this music with you.

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