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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum "Live"

RELEASE DATE: September 10, 2003

Welcome to the newest installation by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum! Collected here are 16 enchanting live specimens gathered from various environments, over the course of several years of exhibition, experimentation, and performance.

The administrators of this showing include guitarist/vocalist Nils Frykdahl as well as bassist and instrument creator Dan Rathburn, who for many years were a part of the amazing group, Idiot Flesh. Joining these fine young gentlemen is Carla Kihlstedt (Tin Hat Trio/Charming Hostesses) on violin and voice. Additionally, we have Moe! Staiano, pounding away on various scraps, artifacts, and industrial waste, and drummer Frank Grau (Species Being).

The rooms of the museum are occupied by an array of traditional orchestration, found object percussion, and home made instrumental creations. These spaces are filled with sounds and sights that have captivated audiences from coast to coast.

Songs about a baby doctor, the apocalypse, homicidal feuding neighbors, and the evil of sleep. A request for stolen tank tops and the destruction of a Doobie Brothers' album. This is what you paid your money for.


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