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Bottles And Skulls "Born In A Black Light"

RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2003

This is the future, YOUR FUTURE!!!!! 

This is the sound: WHITE-TRASH-GOTH-INDIE-ROCK!!!!!  

2003: San Francisco, California exposes the truth. This is the band that will discharge your confused lack of auditory awareness, and dissolve that sickly sour taste in your shattered glass of " The Now Sound". This is the end of the punk rock. This is: BOTTLES + SKULLS 

Four southern souls dancing in the devil's shadow of SF, conspire to inject the grand populous with something infectious. In April 2000 comes the now landmark release of "Never Kiss the Wasp" (Cheetah's) and is heralded by fans and critics as one of the most important punk records of this generation. 

Following this release are ceaseless shows and many vital tours with Some diverse, and amazing groups such as: Mudhoney, Zen Guerrilla, Murder City Devils, Feederz, TSOL, Cursive, New Bomb Turks, The Briefs, NOFX, The Vibrators, The Bellrays, The Catheters, Federation X, Fleshies, 400 Blows and The Phantom Limbs. In late 2001, early 2002 the band release the cult favorite 45's: " Amped: The Fuck Up" (Sickroom), " I am no one, He is no one" (TKO), and a split with Los Angeles' 400 Blows (Cheetahs). After opening for Jello Biafra and The Supersuckers at a high profile benefit show for "The West Memphis Three" in SF, the buzz is in full affect, with fans in the UK, Europe, Canada, and Japan seeking out the skinny on this refreshing assault of RAWK! The band appears on multiple compilations, is nominated for " BEST PUNK BAND" by the SF Weekly, continues to tour non-stop and finally decides to escape the stranglehold of " hardcore punk" with a fever hot new sound. 

In the summer of 2002, the band heads up to Seattle to record with producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Dwarves, Murder City Devils). This is the record: BORN IN A BLACK LIGHT This is the truth: This record kills, softly at subtle moments, viciously when the lights go out and your left all alone stuck to your beliefs of what was and what the real is. 11 new songs of sonic diversity. Trashy garage rock undertones, an embrace of 80's goth , the independent ethics of pre-90's punk rock, and a faint taste of pure pop. This is the original WHITE- TRASH- GOTH- INDIE-ROCK record from San Francisco's BOTTLES+SKULLS. 

GET IT?! !!!!!!!!! 

You ain't no punk you punk! 

You wanna talk about the real junk? 

I can't lose with the stuff I use! 

And you don't choose no substitutes! 

Lux Interior: Memphis 1980 

GOT IT!!!!!

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