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Lozenge "Mishap"

RELEASE DATE: January 10, 2003

Now based in Chicago, LOZENGE used to be from Houston, Texas. LOZENGE is an "experimental" rock band, sort of. At least amplifiers are involved. If fate smiles upon LOZENGE, it may yet bridge the heretofore incompatible brain-body states of ritual trance and epileptic seizure.

LOZENGE is Kyle Bruckmann—accordion, Moog, oboe, and voice; Kurt Johnson—bass and electronics; Philip Montoro—metal percussion; and Mark Stevens—drums. Guests on MISHAP are tenor saxophonist Boris Hauf and guitarist Chuck Falzone.

Kyle is also an improvising oboist, in which capacity he has toured Europe, charming royalty and heads of state. Kurt used to be in the Flying Luttenbachers. And Philip and Mark--well, I suppose that'll be about 80 pounds of good meat, once the carcasses are processed.

MISHAP is a live album. This is the noise of us making trouble for each other. When we get to the end of a song, it's like we've landed all the pieces of a plane at once after tearing it apart in midair. We've been doing this for ten years, and these days all that holds us together onstage is duct tape and invisible psychic waves. A LOZENGE show is better than a wolverine loose on a crowded skating rink. And we still smile when we play.


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