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Ten Grand/Mike Lust "split 7""

RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2002

As front man for Chicago's noise rockers Lustre King, Mike Lust produced the band's critically acclaimed 1999 full length, Shoot the Messenger. In the time since then he has gone on to engineer a wide range of acts that include Sweep the Leg Johnny, Sarge, Atombombpocketknife, L' altra, Check Engine, The Distances, and countless others.

"Coke Fader" is the first single from his long awaited solo full length " I Don't Want A Future Tonight", due to hit stores this fall. The release arrives in time for a week of Lustre King shows in the Midwest this July, followed by a video for the song this summer.

For years now, the boys of Ten Grand have been making noise in their hometown of Iowa City, producing three fantastic albums. Their song, "Sometimes You Say the Wrong Thing When You're Stupid (Scary Movie 3)", is yet another fine example of their light hearted yet intense breed of corn-fed rock and roll.

Their album, The Comprehensive List of Everyone who has Ever Done Anything Wrong to Us, will be released on CD by Sick Room Records later this summer.


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