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The Ants "Sparkling Disaster Strategies"

RELEASE DATE: June 6, 2002

Perhaps at some time you have visited a zoo. There you saw huge elephants, tall giraffes, comical little monkeys, strange birds and many other kinds of animals. The animals in the different cages were so different that you must surely believe they can have little in common. Yet all living things do have something in common. If you simply listened with a stethoscope to the beating of the heart, you might think it was an automated machine. Yet it is not a machine.

The Ants seek to express what all living things have in common. The Ants seek to undermine the culture of man as machine. The Ants seek to explore, describe and explain all things in the universe. The Ants seek to have much fun. "Sparkling Disaster Strategies" merges the polished with the unwashed.

The sounds are lush, recorded by Dan Burton at the Grotto in Bloomington. The performances are real, the current line-up consisting of musical monkeys from across the continent. And the lyrical content is engaging, surreal and at times irreverent. All of it based in celebration…celebrating life, beauty, tendencies and ignorance. Please do set aside thirty minutes and let The Ants into your heart. They are full of stories and substances. Ask them over for another drink, offer them your home, look into their soulless black eyes, let them drag you into the ground.

"Sparkling Disaster Strategies" Nine songs. One-half hour. Ten arms. Sixteen instruments. Pretty pictures. Pure Kansas.


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