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Ten Grand "The Comprehensive List of Everyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Wrong to us"

RELEASE DATE: August 10, 2002

The Midwest has long been a symbol of all that is wholesome and peaceful in America. Her fruitful rolling hills and tranquil farms have nourished an entire nation. But these prairies, which at times seem so serene, also conceal a hidden danger. The skies darken. A low thunder rumbles across the horizon. What was once a gentle, comforting breeze has now whipped itself into a violent frenzy, capable of unimaginable destruction. This is no mere storm, my brethren, this is TEN GRAND.

Bob Adams' drums call up a cacophonous swarm of rhythmic debris as Zach Westerdhaul's bass lines bounce and rumble, like a semi tossed into the wind as if it were a child's toy. At the same time, Matt Davis' and Joel Anderson's intertwining guitar currents could tear the roof off your house, hoist your sleeping grandma into the air, and then lay her down in a tree, unharmed, six miles away.

TEN GRAND (the band formerly known as THE VIDABLUE, of Iowa City, Iowa) have been breaking guitars and breaking hearts across America since 1997. The Comprehensive List of Everyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Wrong To Us, releasing this summer on Sick Room Records LTD, is the band's third (and long-awaited) full-length CD. Engineered by Mr. Mike Lust (front man of Lustre King), the album features a guest appearance by Sweep The Leg Johnny's Steve Sostak, along with an audio recording of "the list" appearing between songs.

This record arrives just in time for Ten Grand's whirlwind tour of America and beyond, starting in August. Behold its majesty. Beware of its hidden fury.

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