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Runner "The Goods"

RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2002

For those who spend their days crawling, clawing at mirages of the Rock they once knew. For years on hands and knees, without enough power in their souls to find it, reach up, and push. Stopped dead in its tracks, just one push is all that's necessary to set it in motion, rolling gallantly down, once again. And as they wither and fade into the heinous depths of musical obscurity, Runner rushes in.

Armed with simple rock machines and with full knowledge of the utter devastation that could be wrought by allowing rock to roll again, Runner serves the love tap. Four gentle souls from Chicago: drummer Brian Wnukowski (Check Engine, Big'n) and bassist Neil Keener (Rollo Tomasi) providing ample rhythmic footing. Guitar ace-in-the-hole Pablo Gammeri (Firebird), has a fire in his belly, while vocalist Gabi Meszaros (Defender) belts forth words with an agitated passion, like the town crier burdened with the task of telling the masses, "It only hurts because you're afraid."

Runner has unleashed the Rock from its molding stagnation and stand poised to be its harness and guide it along its steadfast path. They have just released their first full-length album, amply titled The Goods. Loud, driving, and appropriately dynamic, with frequent injections of rock n' roll pomposity, The Goods kicks it out with all the grit and rawness necessary for the prolonging of the blessed rock n' roll tradition.

And so it stands in the year 2002. Runner is here and the Rock rolls steadily behind.

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