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Rockets Red Glare "Rockets Red Glare"

RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2002

ROCKETS RED GLARE have installed a telephone in your head. You don't know it yet. It's them on that phone, calling you again and again. The receiver vibrates, in urgent whispers: "It is time, it is time, it is high time."

This desperate repetition matches their music well. It grasps you first, holds you fast, and then quietly nudges you into hysterics. You wake up to a frenzy of activity, transfixed by an insistent angular groove peppered with shrill guitar. But angular's the wrong word, unless you want to talk about that human geometry - a desperate geometry dying to say "it is time, it is high time!" High time for what? If it could answer that question its desperation would vanish. But so would its insistence. In RRG's case that desperation is expressed in tense bass and drum propelled music that sounds like watching the tensed muscles of a frightened, determined fighter twitch.

After its members weathered the mid-90's in a variety of suburban punk and math units, including Blake, RRG was formed in 1999 in Toronto. Since then, relentless practice, frequent maneuvers in Eastern Canada and several incursions onto US soil have produced a ferocious 7" on the maverick Ontario label Die!Venom. Now, all the chickens will come home to roost in their full-length debut, released on CD by Sick Room Records, 2xLP by Blue Skies Turn Black.

Lazy listeners will perhaps yawn and mumble Shellac and Slint into their sleepy pens. Not entirely inaccurate: we all breathe the air exhaled by those monsters. A perhaps more attentive ear will catch Mission of Burma, Neurosis and Cerberous Shoal. The best ears, of course, will mark the silent clarity that somehow remains at the center of RRG's sound, even at its most frantic and tense. The clarity of eyes matching your own, saying "it is time, it is high time," so insistently that you almost don't hear the phone ringing.

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