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New Artist: Maniac Du Jour

March 31, 2015

Sick Room is proud to be debuting our first ever digital-only release, Electrical Brain Activity, by Maniac Du Jour from Italy.  Fans of the label will undoubtedly recognize Paride Lanciani, as we have worked with his other bands, Kash and Instrumental Quarter.  He resumes his role as Guitarist in this group, while also providing the vocals and production.  The band is rounded out by Fabio Anghilante (Bass) and Alain Nes (Drums).  The record occupies a unique space at the intersection of '90s & '00s arena rock and the more composed and nuanced elements of indie/experimental/noise rock.  It will be available via the band's bandcamp site, and soon also via a plethora of digital outlets that serve the label, including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.  Unfortunately, we will not have a physical version, but Maniac does have CDs available on their own.  

You can hear a preview track via Bandcamp here:

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