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Tic Code

Members: Andrew Byrne-Englehorn, Andy Fortier, Cameron Jones, Ryan Jones


Tic Code's history goes all the way back to when we started playing music together, which, incidentally, was in mid-2003. We like to think of ourselves as a classical string quartet disguised as a metal band, or maybe what Slayer would've sounded like if they kicked Tom Araya out and let Steve Reich play bass and write most of the songs. We reside in Portland , OR and we like it here. The players are: Andrew Byrne-Englehorn (guitar), Andy Fortier (bass), Cameron Jones (guitar), and Ryan Jones (drums/electronics). Andrew Byrne-Englehorn recently graduated from Portland State University , where he studied classical composition, painting and architecture. He is also one half of Stunt Goat. His guitar is covered in duct tape but it still sounds good. Andy Fortier was the last to join. He's rocked the bottom end for El Cid and Strappheit (both with ex-Bozart drummer Derek Oringer), as well as doing his solo bass thang. Andy is a very creative bass player and some say he looks like Christopher Reeve (during his Superman days). Cameron Jones has been in/is still in lots of bands, including Two Guys (baritone guitar), Pinback (drums), Thingy (bass), Physics (drums), and his own solo thang. Come to think of it, Tic Code is the first band in which Cameron's played guitar. Ryan Jones plays a mean drum. Among his other projects are Two Guys and Tobias Nathaniel's (pianist for The Black Heart Procession) new, as yet unnamed metal project. Ryan's been playing drums for, let's say, around fourteen years. In addition to pounding the skins in Tic Code, he has an electronic module that he pounds to make fun noises. Ryan has a peculiar affinity for frogs. Tic Code will kick your ass, because we said so

Tic Code

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