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The Conformists

Members: Chris Boron, Christopher Dee, Jimmy Winkler, Patrick Something


The Conformists write their own bio. We don't even pretend not to. We want to tell you all the things that will convince you that our record is fantastic and that we are talented, handsome fellows with above average vocabularies but we are not going to. We wrote songs that we really like. We recorded the album with our favorite engineer, we released the album on the labels run by our biggest supporters and friends, and we are happy with the results. We present them to you in what we feel is cool artwork, in the best listening medium, and even threw a CD in there, too. It doesn't really matter how long we have been together or who we have played with or what other bands members of this band have played in. All the people who read this know what they like and know that they need to hear it instead of making decisions based on reviews on the internet. We want you to buy this record so our friends who run our labels can have more money to put out other fantastic records so you, the listener, have more good music to enhance your life. Thanks.

The Conformists
None Hundred

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