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The Ants

Members: David Randall, Sean McEniry, Brad Nichols, Chad Bryan, Jeff Eaton, Brian Frame, Sam Goodell, Sue Phillips, Valerie Hill, Ann Dean & Sadie McEniry


Simultaneously engineered in laboratories in Lincoln, MT, and Redwood City, CA, in the late 1990's. Deseminated in Kansas during the 2000 presidential election. Frequently adopted new hosts until settling on the current incarnation during the 2004 presidential election. Three self-released titles and three titles with barcodes. Commonly seen in the taverns of the middle west and occasionally seen on the edges of the empire. The blue 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 was their vehicle of choice, until the hip-hop artist they donated it to blew a head gasket. Readying release of a new album 'Today's the Day', not 'Tonight's the Night'.

The Ants

The Ants
Victory Side

The Ants
Sparkling Disaster Strategies

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