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Rumah Sakit

Members: Mitch Cheney, Kenseth Thibideaux, John Baez, Jeff Shannon


Rumah Sakit got their start in 1998 as the lineup of John Baez, Jeff Shannon, Mitch Cheney, and Kenseth Thibideau began playing their guitar-based post-punk throughout their native of San Francisco. Without any use for a vocalist, the band eventually recorded their self-titled full-length, which was released through Temporary Residence Limited, in 2000. Rumah Sakit's follow-up EP, part of the limited edition Travels in Constants series, came out the next year. Their sophmore effort, Obscured by Clowns, followed in 2002. A concert from December of 2000 with Sweep the Leg Johnny was released in 2003.

Rumah Sakit
Obscured By Clowns

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