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Members: Mike Bridavski, Mike Notaro, Mike Hoggat


I guess our whole thing is that we just write music that we find clever, interesting and stimulating. It's something we'd actually want to (and do) listen to. We enjoy incorporating pop elements into our music, but just enough so that it's not overkill. Most of our lyrics are cryptic and include secrets, hints and references to things that may very well be undetectable by the most listeners. For example, we purposefully steal lyrics and riffs from classic and/or unknown bands/songs because we think it's funny and clever, and we consider it more like a reference or commentary. So basically we just do what we think is brilliant and awesome, and realize (and don't care) that most people probably don't agree. Most importantly each of us is an equal contributor to our music. That is why it comes out the way it does, as an accurate representation of the three of us.

Hello Soldier

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