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King Champion Sounds

Members: Ajay Saggar, G.W. Sok, Oli Heffernan, Chris Moerland, Ditmer Weertman, Mees Siderius, Danielle Eden Johnson


The band came to being at the start of 2013 when Ajay Saggar (Dandelion Adventure / Donkey / The Bent Moustache) was asked if he would open for Mike Watt (ex-Minutemen / fIREHOSE). Rather than choosing to play with his regular band, he wrote an entirely new set of songs and recruited G.W. Sok (former singer of Dutch post-punk/jazz ensemble The Ex) to write the words, a rhythm section and a brass section to boot! The resulting show received widespread praise from both the public and the press, and since then, they have performed with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Deerhunter, and The Ex amongst others. Touching on the jams created by The Fall, Can, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, Public Image Limited, King Tubby, this band will set your pulse racing. Don't miss out!!!

King Champion Sounds
Different Drummer

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