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Howard Hello

Members: Kenseth Thibideau, Marty Anderson


The last three years have been quite pivotal for Kenseth Thibideau. Content with just making music in whatever capacity he could, the runaway success of his band, Tarentel was a shocking change to his way of thinking. In the midst of being lavished with critical and fanatical praise from prominent magazines and fans alike, Kenseth decided to leave the band to pursue his other endeavor, Rumah Sakit, full-time. With Rumah Sakit now on extended hiatus, Thibideau resides in San Diego and plays bass and keys in Pinback. He also makes music for commercials and documents his more intimate and personal work under the name Howard Hello, a collaboration with Marty Anderson (Lazarus, Dilute). Howard Hello centers its focus on the blissful, linear contrasts between mood-defining ambient music and genre-bending pop perfection

Howard Hello/Greenness
Howard Hello/Greenness split 2xCD

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