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FT (The Shadow Government)

Members: Luke Tweedy, Joel Anderson, Zach Westerdahl


ft (the Shadow Government) layers drums, guitars, vocals and electronic whines and whirs, throws it through some oscillators and other electronic wizardry, and comes out with its carefully manipulated, genre-less sound. Even with sound design credits and the heavy use of circuitry, the band has more in common with Black Flag than Brian Eno. "Most bands claim to be unique and original," one reviewer wrote after hearing Guns of August, "but these fellows really are." Through that first full-length and a split seven-inch on Scenester Credentials, an LP on Modern Radio and a CD/DVD on Sick Room Records, ft (the Shadow Government) has called out the law-makers, the pork-barrelers, the back-stabbers. A massive collaboration, which features guest performances by William Elliot Whitmore, STNNNG's Chris Besinger, Tornavalanche's Zach Westerdahl and nine others. Formerly known as Flaccid Trip, ft (the Shadow Government) has played and toured with the likes of STNNNG, Call Me Lightning, The Flying Luttenbachers, William Elliott Whitmore, The Plastic Constellations, Jenny Hoyston, The Bitter Tears, and Racebannon. Electronica?Nope. Punk? Sort of. Anti-government conspiracy-theorist noise from the Heartland? Abso-fucking-lutely.

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